“It’s Time To Pick A Side”
 NCF2A is using several methods to educate the public on not only what is in the NY SAFE ACT, but how we can reverse the tide of ever more restrictive unconstitutional measures coming down from Albany. One such method is our “NY SAFE ACT Consequence Kits.” These professional looking 5x7 display stands hold our “NY SAFE ACT Consequence Cards.”  These business cards explain in bullet point fashion some very unconstitutional provisions of the law. It’s a great learning tool and it simply asks people to vote.
We started giving these kits away free of charge to every FFL in the 6 County region of the North Country that had some type of counter in which to display them, along with a free box of 500 cards.
The results have been very polarized to say the least. The privately owned “Mom & Pop” locations have whole heartedly supported this effort with many volunteering to do even more. The very disturbing revelation is that nearly 100% of the big box retailers that we have approached; Gander Mountain, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Herb Philipson’s and Wal-Mart, have all refused citing corporate policies. Bass Pro shops originally said no as well, but a call to their corporate offices changed their minds. We currently have stands at only one Gander Mountain (New Hartford), one Dick’s (also in New Hartford) and one Herb Philipsons (Rome) all the other locations have refused and a few calls to their corporate offices have gotten us only the run around.
 To make it very clear we did not ask for anything but 5” of space on the end of their gun counter. We provide everything at no cost to them. Also, in most cases, the folks behind the counter and the store managers were sympathetic to our cause but their hands were tied. We do not blame the employees at these locations but are at a loss as to the indifference that these big box retailers show in regards to attacks on the 2 Amendment.
These big box locations are the sellers of a very large portion of the guns sold in NY every year and if they are not willing to help in some way in this fight then they don’t deserve our support. Educating the public is extremely important if we are to ever win this fight and big corporations sitting on the sidelines in fear that they may offend someone who likes the NY SAFE Act is inexcusable. We are not saying they need to display our stand, but they need to step to the plate and do something that educates every customer that walks through their doors. Sending a few dollars to the NRA is not enough.
If you agree with this, then you can help in the fight. Only support elected officials and businesses that support the Constitution and are not sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone else to fight for all our rights. If where you purchase sporting goods doesn’t display some type of Pro 2 Amendment litature then ask why they don’t. Call the corporate headquarters of the big box retailers that you give your business to and tell them you have a complaint about their complacencies and not allowing Pro 2nd Amendment groups to display educational information on their counters.
If these companies received a thousand phone calls each, it might finally dawn on them that the free ride for them is over and it’s time to pick a side.
Big Box Retailer Customer Service Numbers:
1-888-542-6337 Gander Mountain
1-315-336-1302 Herb Philipson’s
1-877-846-9997 Dick’s Sporting Goods
1-800-925-6278 Wal-Mart
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