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The North Country Friends of the Second Amendment is governed by an Executive Committee  and within the organization are several working committees:
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Special Notice:
 The NCF2A  education mission is accomplished in many ways. One very popular method is our power point presentations. These very informative sessions cover all aspects of the NY SAFE ACT and will focus on its provisions, current law suits against it, court rulings and what we are doing to fight it. In addition we briefly go over legislation that has been proposed for the future and update you on what is being done to fight these laws. The presentation takes approximately 60 minutes with a 15 minute question and answer section at the end. Our Goal is to inform the people of their rights, to get them to spread the word about what is happening with the nearly constant stream of new legislation coming out of Albany and to encourage them to vote for leaders that will support a repeal of the SAFE Act. We provide these presentations free of charge. All we ask is for a sponsor to provide a site for the meeting, help put up flyers and any manpower needed to set up and clean up afterwards.  These meeting are open to the public and seating for at least 200 people is preferred. We also do private non power point 15 minute presentations for fish & game clubs etc at their regularly scheduled monthly meeting. If your organization is interested in sponsoring an event, contact Patrick J. Morse at (315) 317-4380 or patrickmorse@ncf2a.com
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